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up to 8 week touch up session $75

2 to 12 month touch up  $250  

***Sessions are to be paid in cash.

( When booking styleseat will take your credit card info to hold your spot per our cancelation policy, you will not be charged) 

*After 12 months cost is full blade again. Cycle repeats twice then lifetime touch up pricing. ( MB Only)



up to 8 week initial touch up $100

2-18 mo touch up $250

*After 12 months cost is full blade again. Cycle repeats twice then lifetime touch up pricing.

*Touch up’s are only available if initial Microblade was performed by Lavish Beauty otherwise it will be an initial session.

* After 18 months it is a full session again. 


$550 includes first touch up for free. 

2-12 mo touch up $250

Consultation Question Your Microblading appointment is an hour and a half appointment.  During the appointment when you arrive you fill out paperwork, Numb, we consult, draw and take pictures even prior to the procedure. My schedule is extremely tight and booked. So please note that consultations are part of the appointment and are not offered separately.

Cancellation Policy. MUST READ For all appointments. 24 hour Cancellation notice is required to cancel your appointment. You MUST do this yourself online, not by email, text or call.  If you fail to cancel your appointment in this time frame you will be charged half of your balance due of your session, no exceptions. If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment you will be charged full appointment price, no exceptions. If you are over 10 minutes late to your appointment you will be charged a late cancelation fee of half of the amount of your session. No Exceptions on policy. By booking your session with Lavish Beauty and clicking the booking tab you acknowledge that you have read this policy, additionally Style Seat the booking system that you are directed to will confirm the same acceptance. Our scheduling is very structured. And our time as well as others is very important! Thanks so much for taking the time to read this throughly and booking with Lavish Beauty! 

Please Note: No children or pets at your session. IF your appointment gets cancelled because you have come with kids or pets you will be charged a late cancelation charge of $250. No exceptions please..Thank you!!!!!!