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Lavish Beauty Microblading Training offering you two options to best suit your needs! Offering hands on in-person intensive one day Microblading Training.... info below. Or Online Microblading Training with one year access at Lavish Academy!

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Hi Beauties!

Thanks for inquiring about training with Lavish Beauty! Leading U.S. Authority in this amazing Microblading field. Learn Lavish Beauty's Microblading natural style! Offering one day intensive courses taught by Brandi Snyder and her training assistant Sydney Nau. Lavish Beauty will give you the skills you need to perfect your new craft. Your new Microblading business will reflect what you learn and who you learn from! Heres a little info on our training.....

Cost of training: $2300


This is What We Cover

Lavish Beauty's gorgeous strokes, prior procedural set up and healing aspects, common problems etc.. Client contradictions. Hygiene standards and safety. The basics of eyebrow reconstruction, mapping, eyebrow shape and how to use your amazing Lavish Beauty Rulers as well as caliper use. Color theory on pigment Lavish Beauty uses. You will practice strokes on paper, flat artificial skin as well as raised eye skins and if you have your tattoo artist license prior to your class you can work on a live model in class as well! Contact your local health department for more info on licensing! Your welcome e-mail will get you started with your licensing and answer anymore questions you may have and get you started and prepared for class.


Professional Microblading Kit included...

  • 10 disposable Microblading needles
    (10 blades valued at $550 each (Microblading service)= $5,500)
  • 4 top Microblading colors
    (Best quality pigments valued at 30$ each)
  • Pain relieving stick
  • One flat and one raised eyes artificial skin for practice
  • 5 Lavish Beauty Rulers
  • Lavish Beauty Manual
  • Color Manual
  • Aftercare
  • Lavish Beauty Tote

Students must have a Florida Tattoo Artist License if he/she intends to practice on a live model*.
If you are a licensed tattoo artist from out of state, please apply for a Guest Tattoo Artist Registration with seminole county. If you do not have a tattoo artist license by the date of your class, it's ok... I have lots of other practice skin to work on!

*Please note, practice on a live model is subject to the teacher's approval of the student's performance during class.


How do I sign up?

Email or call for available dates 407-402-5821, Then pay your deposit, link below.

***Deposit is non-refundable. No exceptions, understand this holds your spot for your full day of training. Final payment day of class is non-refundable as well.
By clicking the link below and paying your Lavish Beauty Microblading Training you acknowledge this.

Thanks Beauties !!

Microblading Training Deposit
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